Q Skincare Lounge

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Chicago-based skin care boutique greatly needed a rebrand to better portray the company's personality, as well as resonate more effectively with its customers.


In addition to its services, the business is best known for the personality of its owner. Therefore, the owner's nickname, "Q," fit perfectly as a key component in the name of the new brand. Q Skincare Lounge was born. The boutique's skin care services are provided in a relaxing environment, using exclusive and high-quality organic materials. This high-end, all-natural approach is what inspired the color scheme, logo design, and all other collateral materials, including business cards, letterhead, product packaging, and more.


Establishing an online presence was crucial to developing this new brand and making it resonate with its target market. A website was created as an extension of the offline brand, containing crucial business information and further reinforcing the owner's voice and personality.

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The Q Skincare Lounge brand became a stand-out from the beginning. Its unique characteristics set the business apart from its competitors in a saturated market. Not only did existing customers quickly take to the brand, Q Skincare Lounge doubled its customer base since the transition took place.


SEO Strategist:
Brian Glassman

Stephanie Krysl

Logo Design, Q Skincare Lounge
Brand Identity, Q Skincare Lounge
Product & Packaging Design, Q Skincare Lounge
Website Design & Development, Q Skincare