Digital Content Marketing Campaign


Omaha-based data company, Infogroup, needed a unique inbound marketing strategy to generate more business within its Data Licensing division. This campaign targeted local businesses struggling to properly aggregate their information online. With customer acquisition as its primary goal, an awareness campaign drove a sense of urgency regarding customers' local business data, while showcasing Infogroup's capabilities in this area.


An ebook was created to serve as the campaign's centerpiece, offering a complete 24-page guide to controlling your online business data. Compelling visuals enhanced the book's content, which also included social media links to increase reach and improve overall exposure.

Email & Landing Page

Marketing emails were created and sent to promote the book, leading recipients to the landing page. The landing page was designed to collect user-submitted information in order to download the ebook. Promotional materials contained simple, effective, and compelling graphics consistent with the book itself.


The genuine relevancy of the ebook achieved significant interest among Infogroup's target audience. Social media shares, and online searches created additional momentum organically. The book was downloaded hundreds of times, generating qualified leads and ultimately resulting in a highly successful campaign that produced a substantial increase in new business for Infogroup.

Ebook Design, Infogroup
Email Design & Development, Infogroup
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